Things to Do in Vietnam with Your Family during Holidays

Vietnam family holidays become more memorable when you are doing something that you can all enjoy. Need a list of activities are suitable for both kids and adults? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Farming in Cam Thanh Village

Love rice? Then it’s time to learn where the famous Vietnam rice comes from. Travel to the Cam Thanh Village with your family and participate in an agricultural tour. You will be in the rice fields for a day, discovering the farming techniques and harvesting processes and even riding buffaloes. This is a great educational opportunity to teach kids not to waste food. 

2. Learn to make crafts and potteries

This Vietnam family holiday activity will challenge everyone’s creativity. If you and your kids are fine with getting your hands dirty in a literal way, then head to Bat Trang Village in Ho Chi Minh City to join a pottery class. You can also make your own souvenirs like ceramic arts.

3. Shop for toys

For sure this will be your kids’ favorite part of your Vietnam family holiday. If you are doing tours in cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, try to find the famous “toy streets.” There, you will see a wide selection of colorful toys for all ages that you may not find in your home country.

4. Tour around Hanoi 

Sometimes, you don’t really need to do something adventurous or creative to enjoy a family holiday. Arelaxedsightseeing tour will be enough. And here in Hanoi, the country’s capital, a sightseeing tour is never boring. You will get to explore cultural spots like the Old Quarter, French Quarter, Temple of Literature, and Vietnam Museum Ethnology. If you find yourself hungry after all that walking, go straight to the famous street foods and try the popular Pho, spring rolls, and Chè.

Published by Vietnam Fast Tours

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